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Brand introduction

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Brand Culture Positioning: Jiangnan School of Dongqing Xiyun
Consumer positioning: urban business travelers
Consumption age: 25-45 years old
Core value: new highlights in fashion life
Consumer group form: mature and stable, stylish and elegant, slightly individual.
Have a unique taste for popular things and dare to try new things.
  Brand Culture
Jiangnan School of Dongqing Xiyun
Longdafei brand is a clothing brand based on Jiangnan, which interprets Chinese fashion culture with international modern methods, and provides simple and applicable urban dressing philosophy for modern business travelers.
At the beginning of the brand's establishment, it has made a new interpretation of the different cultures and unique life atmospheres gathered in Jiangnan. In a simpler, more fashionable and more casual way, he portrays the atmosphere of different cultures and different lifestyles in the south of the Yangtze River, and reflects the unique charm of the Eastern and Western rhymes in a completely different language.
Changshu Longda Garment Factory was established in 19921992
In 19971997, successfully registered 25 series of trademarks such as “Long Dafei” clothing.
In 19991995-1999, he invested 80 million yuan to build a 28,000 square meter standard factory building.
In 2001, it passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification.
In 2001, he took the lead in hiring the famous Chinese singer Jie Xiaodong as the spokesperson of Long Dafei.
20042004-2008 hired Hong Kong international film and television superstar dawn to be the spokesperson of Longdafei brand
20052005 was awarded the “Most Influential Brand” by China Garment Association and Down Products Association.
In 2005-2006, Longdafei participated in the Beijing International Fashion Expo and held a new product launch conference.
In October 2005, donated 300,000 yuan from Haishu Town Government to hold the China Haishu Town Clothing Festival, and held a large-scale cultural evening of "Dragon Flying Night".
In 2006, Longdafei and Dawn rushed to publicize and hold new product launches in 8 provincial capital cities including Shandong, Xi'an and Harbin.
In 2006, Longdafei acquired 100 mu of land next to the town of Haishu Town, and plans to invest more than 150 million yuan to build a modern factory building and office sales building of 100,000 square meters.
In May 2007, the China Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries held a "Photo Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the European Union" and a photo exhibition of "Dong Dafei Takes You into the European Union" at Peking University.
In September 2007, he held a press conference on “Dong Dafei’s Love in Campus China” at Tibet University, and donated hundreds of thousands of yuan to poor students in Tibet University.
In 2008 and 2008, the company's employees donated more than 400,000 yuan to Wenchuan earthquake-stricken areas and seriously ill employees.
In 2009, the company moved to a modern factory building and office sales building of 100,000 square meters in Haishu Town. In the same year, the company organized 300 employees to participate in the “60th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China” in the city gymnasium.
In 2010, 2010, the company celebrated the 18th anniversary of the company's founding of large-scale cultural events and distributed souvenirs such as computers and refrigerators to each employee.
In 2010, more than 1,600 people from all factories and national franchisees visited the Shanghai World Expo.
In 20112011, the company invested 300 million yuan in land acquisition in Nantong to establish Jiangsu Zhongrun Fluorine Industrial Park, and held a grand foundation laying ceremony in April.
2012 won the most influential brand by China Garment Association
Consumer Reassurance Product Award from China Consumers Association
On December 12, 2014, Longdafei Life Experience Hall was officially opened. On the opening day, it achieved a single-day million-dollar turnover.
In 20162016, Longdafei became the designated production unit for the down jacket of China Railway Corporation
In 20182018, Long Dafei became the production unit of China Mobile’s down jacket
  design concept
Longdafei represents the new male proposition of advancing with the times, so that the Metropolitan Business Traveler has his own clothing and taste. He is not limited by the background, but is free to play with the style and creativity. Make sure you choose the matching in your suitcase, and you can make everyday fashion dressing suitable for business meetings and leisure. All these unimaginable styles are the glamorous business attitude of Longdafei.
Fashion casual series
LODFEY - a stylish and casual lifestyle that caters to the urban elite men's intellectual life. Advocating the concept of leisure life for business travel and travel, providing a tailor-made dress style for taste and quality fashion individuality.
Fashion down jacket series
LODFEY-fashion down jacket, incorporating international fashion elements into the costumes, shows the simple and applicable dressing philosophy of the Longdafei brand in a simple and natural way. Glossy and soft fabrics, fresh and elegant color matching, fine and simple cutting, infiltrating the elegant, noble and fashionable temperament given by Longdafei fashion down jacket.
  Terminal image
Longdafei's terminal is not only a consumer platform, but also the modern city people's elegant habitat, experience the most direct place of the brand, LODFEY's terminal belongs to the elegant, calm and wise modern business traveler new world.

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